Riding in the City

January 27th, 2013

Its Cold!

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It has been a cold week in Boston, has any die hard cyclists come up with an innovative way to keep warm?

Once again thank you for completing my survey. If you have a chance please take a look at it. Every vote helps!



January 24th, 2013

Survey Results

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Thanks everyone who is helping to complete the survey! So far it looks like everyone would love to see more bike lanes around the city and a stronger enforcement of them. It seems bike lanes are always obstructed from people double parking! Please continue to take the survey to help get better results, thanks again for your help. The survey is should only take 2 minutes to complete:





January 22nd, 2013

Innovation in the Bike World

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Hello Everyone!

I’m just getting used to this site, but I am trying to better understand all the¬†aspects¬†of what it is like to ride your bike in the city of Boston. As a commuter myself, I average about 5 miles a day riding on my bike to get to work but I would be really interested to hear your input! Could you please fill out a quick survey of mine? It should only take 2-3 minutes.

Link for the survey:



Thank you very much!

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